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Frequently Asked Questions

The Gumwand is a machine for removing discarded chewing gum. There are no trailing leads or a hose, meaning it is the safest way to remove gum in a public place.
The Gumwand works by vaporising an environmentally friendly chemical solution, which breaks down chewing gum on a molecular level. The result is that chewing gum is destroyed in around 3 – 6 seconds.
No. A vapour steam machine utilises an element in a large boiler and then relies on a 4-8 bar pump to deliver the steam at point of contact. The chemical is then added into the steam by an injection button operated by the user. Typically this would use 5 litres of water per hour and a similar volume of chemical.
The Gumwand creates a small amount of steam, just enough to remove the chewing gum only. Around 20ml per minute is fed a peristaltic pump into the inside of the Stainless steel coil, which is heated by the burner, instantly vaporising the chemical.
The operation is almost silent, so can be used at any time of day or night.
This is because the Gumwand Workman works from a 7-volt ion lithium battery and therefore does not require any additional electrical power supply.
The battery lasts for over 36 hours continual use and can be fully recharged in about 2 hours.
A Gumwand will require a can of propane, which lasts around 5-6 hours to power the internal burner. We supply a concentrate chemical, which makes 2 litres of solution in the internal reservoir when mixed with water. Brass or nylon brushes are also required to destroy the gum and preserve the surface being cleaned.
No. We supply concentrate chemical in cases of 20 x bottles. And brass or nylon brushes in bags of 10 x brushes. Propane is easy to purchase in Home Depot and other retail outlets. We supply as little or as much as you want.
Each bottle lasts around 2 hours depending on the surface being worked on.
Each canister lasts approximately 5 - 6 hours.
A brass brush will last between 1.5 – 2.5 hours depending on the surface and the amount of pressure exerted by the operator. Brass brushes are essential for use on urban surfaces as the brass fibres will wear down and will not damage even soft stone or tarmac (A steel brush will not wear down for several hours but will damage all urban surfaces and leave permanent scratch marks). Nylon brushes are used for heavy-duty carpeted areas and these last between 1 – 3 hours each.
Yes, however only Gumwand Ltd chemical can be used in the Gumwand machine. It has specifically been designed to work within the Gumwand and will not cause blockages in the internal parts of the machine. Using other chemicals in the Gumwand invalidates the manufacturer’s warranty and risks permanent damage to the Gumwand.
We advise sweeping over the destroyed gum to ensure a good standard of work and as a means of quality control. If a broom is not swept over the destroyed gum then there is the chance that a part of the gum may be left (maybe leaving a ‘moon shaped crescent’ of gum). If you sweep over the area it is clearly visible that all the gum has been removed and it encourages a faster drying time.
The destroyed gum looks like foam initially but it is really turned into a powder, which simply blows away with the breeze and does not need secondary cleaning of any sort. The Gumwand will also clean the oil from the discarded gum. This will leave a super clean spot on the surface, which fades within a week or two leaving no evidence of discarded gum or even a cleaning operation.
Yes (because the chemical contains no solvent there are no known problem surfaces but we advise that the operator always check a small sample area first).
Yes. You will need to use a nylon brush rather than brass. As with all carpet cleaning we advise completing a test area’ first before proceeding.
No. The chemical is based on a sugar beet surfactant and not on an oil or solvent surfactant but for your peace of mind we advise that the operator always check a small sample area first.
The chemical in very simple terms is based on an organic sugar beet that is formulated to create an environmentally friendly detergent.
The chemical works by the utilisation of the heat created in the Gumwand and the agitation of the brush on the surface of the gum. The chemical ensures that the particles of steam are reduced in size to allow rapid destruction of the base formula of chewing gum.
No. This would invalidate the warranty of all Gumwand products as the chemical has been formulated for use ONLY in the Gumwand products. Other liquids would create a different flow through the coil. The coil is structured from a 6mm ID aircraft grade stainless steel pipe, which allows steam to escape through a bespoke sized exit opening, which would block with sediment from other solutions.
We have a worldwide safety data certificate for the propane use, which is available along with the relevant health and safety policies. The Gumwand only houses a small propane bottle that is fitted with a standard self-sealing safety valve.
No. The amount of vapour is small and localised at floor level.
This is probably due to the ambient temperature where you are. On a cold day you will see more of the steam than on a hot day, but in all temperatures the gum is destroyed. The point of contact it is the hottest part and the steam that you see is the chemical vaporising as it hits the air.
From our network of sales and service centres. For the nearest one go to www.gumwand.net or call 1-800-555-3903.
Authorised distributors are ‘Gumwand Approved Trainers’. They are authorised to sell machines, consumables and train people in the safe use of the Gumwand machine. Videos of how to set up and use the Gumwand are available on YouTube.
The Gumwand is a simple and robust cleaning tool, which has very few moving parts. Gumwand service centres are trained to complete any warranty issues and can also fix accidental damage to the Gumwand machine if needed.
All Gumwand machines have a full 12-month parts warranty.
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